Generating Exclusive Mortgаge Leаds

Getting exclusive mortgage LEDs in the real estate business can be difficult whether you’re a broker, lender, or even investor. Not having competition for your leads can really help efficiently close them. Even if you’re not lending the loan yourself, it’s an important step to help your clients get the home that they actually want. In other words, taking responsibility for the whole deal gets you the deal.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads
1. Consider the phone.

Do you know people who have phone numbers? This is a trick question because just about everyone does. However, not everyone uses them to communicate with other people, even in the real estate industry. There are multiple ways to get phone numbers, but the most efficient these days is through LinkedIn. These are especially good because they’re usually not random people from a phone book.

2. Another communication line you can use from LinkedIn leads is email.

How many times have you easily gotten someone’s personal email without meeting them in person or doing business with them? Probably not many. When connecting with others on this platform, sometimes they’ll list their email with their other personal contact details. While you can message them directly on the website, sending an email is more personal.

3. If you have the funds available, you can even buy as many lists of leads as you want.

All you have to do is look online and find one or multiple reputable companies that offer this service. While it’s not a guarantee that you’ll close a deal, it’ll definitely be that much easier. Try not to go this route unless you have at least some experience with closing deals, as it can lead to a massive sinkhole if you don’t know what you’re doing yet.

Competition can be fierce when it comes to finding exclusive mortgage leads. However, the more experience you gain in the industry, the easier it will get. Follow at least one of these tips to get started.

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